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Become a part of a vibrant community where you can collaborate, receive support, and advocate for our collective needs.

Panel of HBCU and TCU faculty professional meeting.

The MS-CC community is built on lifting each other up and growing together.

The MS-CC is a growing community of information technology (IT) professionals, campus leaders, faculty members, researchers, and students from across our nation’s historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). We are also joined by colleagues from Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) and minority-serving institutions (MSIs), as well as leaders from regional and national organizations.

When you join us, you become part of a vibrant community where you can collaborate, receive support, and advocate for our collective needs.

Strength in Numbers. Power of Community.


Historically Black universities and colleges (HBCUs)


Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs)


Tribal colleges and universities (TCUs)


Affiliate organizations


MS-CC organizes workshops at HBCUs, TCUs, and Internet2 events, and provides funding support for MS-CC participants.

Monthly All-Hands Meetings

Join us on our monthly calls to stay informed about upcoming workshops, webinars, events, the latest activities, and opportunities for collaboration.

Communities of Practice

MS-CC facilitates community-driven experience sharing to support and raise awareness around key topics of interest to MS-CC participants.

MS-CC Group annual meeting student hackathon

2024 MS-CC Annual Meeting

Thank you for joining us in Washington, D.C., May 29-31, 2024, for a once-a-year opportunity to come together and create a space where HBCUs and TCUs lead the conversation around sustainable campus-level IT capabilities for data-intensive education and research programs.

Partner Organizations & Institutions

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